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ku bukan sasterawan, bukan karyawan bukan jua wartawan tapi ku ingin berkarya di saat ku terdaya


Sometime between the 3rd and 9th months, your baby will start to show the unmistakable signs of teething. These can include:

   -   Excessive drooling
   -   Swollen gums
   -   Cold like symptoms like runny nose or fever
   -   Crankiness
   -   A baby who sleeps through the night might
start to awaken several times a night.
   -   He may even refuse to eat.

Many of the signs of teething begin to show up months before that first tooth comes through. Some children never show any signs that new teeth are coming in, but for the ones showing discomfort, you can ease their pain in the following ways:


Using a clean finger or a cool wash cloth, gently rub the affected gums.
   -   Give him something cold and soft to chew on like a refrigerated teething ring, frozen wash cloth, or a cold metal spoon.
   -   A cold bottle of water/juice mixture helps some babys find comfort.
   -   If your baby is especially cranky or running a slight fever, try giving a dose of acetaminophen. Be sure to watch her carefully should she run a fever. This could be a sign of a more significant illness.
   -   Over-the-counter teething remedies work well for some infants. Apply to the affected gums as directed.
   -   Never rub brandy or any form of alcohol on your baby’s gums. Alcohol is a poison to infants.

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