Dr Waina

ku bukan sasterawan, bukan karyawan bukan jua wartawan tapi ku ingin berkarya di saat ku terdaya

any reAson

And tHe rEas0n i$ U!!!!

Man: Why do you like me..? Why do you love me?
Lady: I can’t tell the reason.. but I really like you..
Man: You can’t even tell me the reason… how
can you say you like me?How can you say you
love me?
Lady: I really don’t know the reason, but I can
prove that I love you.
Man: Proof? No! I want you to tell me the
reason. My friend’s girlfriend can tell him why she
loves him but not you!
Lady: Ok ok!!! Erm… because you are handsome,
because your voice is sweet, because you are
caring, because you are loving, because you are
thoughtful, because of your smile, because of
your every movements..

Unfortunately, a few days later, the man met
with an accident and became a paralyzed. The
lady then placed a letter by his side, and here is
the content:

Because of your sweet voice that I love you…
Now can you talk?No! Therefore I cannot love
you. Because of your care and concern that I like
you.. Now that you cannot show them, therefore I
cannot love you.Because of your smile, because
of your every movements that I love you.. Now can
you smile? Now can you move? No, therefore I
cannot love you If love needs a reason, like now,
there is no reason for me to love you anymore.
Do love need a reason? No!

Therefore, I still love YOU…
…And love don’t need a reason..


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  1. …. speechless….

    Comment by csakura82 | October 9, 2008

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